Arrowroot Glaze

Great for gluten-free and corn-free cooking and baking.  Use it as a thickener for fruity and savoury sauces in the same way you would cornflour to thicken liquids.  It makes a perfect clear glaze for roasted meats but you will need to add colour to it if you use it for gravy to give the traditional gravy look. I use it for glazing my open-topped fruity sponge flan, just mix a little cold water or any fruit juice

Clear Arrowroot Glaze - arrowroot powder and water or lemon juice

For fruity arrowroot glaze use mango juice as the liquid

2 teaspoons arrowroot powder
150ml cold water or fruit juice

  1. Blend the arrowroot with a little of the liquid, then boil the rest in a pan.
  2. Pour onto your arrowroot and blend well.
  3. Return to the pan and continue cooking until the mixture begins to clear. (If using fruit juice it may not clear, but will take on the colour of the juice you have used which is perfectly fine).