Why Buy Local?

Why Choose to Shop from Your Local Greengrocer?

"Buying from your local greengrocer makes sense in so many ways, here are just a few of my reasons for supporting our local greengrocer..." 
This is Nick ~ our local Greengrocer 

  1. It makes you feel good - It's more fun to shop locally and it's healthier too because you are out in the fresh air around your local village or town.  People will talk to you and give you 'the time of day' which contrasts strikingly to supermarket visits where no one wants to stop and talk!
  2. Your local greengrocer may be more user-friendly and accessible - they are for everyone, young and old alike.  
  3. You benefit from a personal and friendly service and seasonality in food - you are more likely to come into direct contact with shop owner, whose reputation for providing wholesome, quality, fresh, great-tasting local produce is at stake.  He may even throw in some free advice, tips on storing your veggies or a new seasonal recipe he's been told about by another local shopper!
  4. You get fresher and better tasting produce - no one can match your local independent greengrocer for fresh produce!  Each morning, when most of us are still slumbering and have not even smelled the coffee yet, your greengrocer is out buying quality fruit and vegetables for the day. They personally stock up their own shelves bringing us the best value for our money.
  5. Buying local helps boost the local economy - spending in local shops helps to create jobs.  You are supporting small businesses who see an opportunity, like a gap in local services, such as the need for an independent greengrocer! 
  6. There is less waste and less packaging materials used, like plastic wrappings - all better for your health and better for the environment!
  7. There are no sneaky enticements to buy things you do not need - supermarkets are very clever, spending lots of time and resources researching our shopping habits. They invent new psychological strategies based on research, to entice us to buy and spend more than we planned to which means overspending on your budget can be a problem. 
  8. Buying local helps to build stronger neighbourhoods and communities - people who shop locally are better linked to their community, which in turn, changes the way people use other local services. This helps to maintain a uniqueness in the way you shop, that can also protect local character.
  9. It saves you money on fuel costs - you drive less miles to your local greengrocer than to your local supermarket.
  10. You help to reduce food miles - buying locally means that you are more likely to be supporting local farmers too.  This means you are helping to reduce 'food miles.'  This is how far a product has travelled before it reaches your shopping bag and plate!
"We all have choice. If you haven't already, why not think about choosing to give your local greengrocer a try before your next planned trip to the supermarket?"

Why you should buy and eat local food: