Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge

Photograph by Martin Penfold


280 ml coconut cream
100g dairy-free margarine
100g golden syrup or pure maple syrup
400g caster sugar
2 level teaspoons vanilla extract

What to do:
  1. Line a deep baking tin with greaseproof paper, on the base and up the sides, for lifting out easily..
  2. Place all the ingredients in a non-stick saucepan, slowly melt over a low heat, then bring to the boil, stirring all the time.
  3. Use a sugar thermometer until the temperature of the mixture reaches 125'C / 250'F.
  4. Remove from the heat.
  5. Transfer to a heatproof bowl and use a hand held electric mixer to beat the fudge until it starts to thicken.
  6. Pour into your prepared tin, smooth over the surface and leave to set at room temperature.
  7. When cold, lift out of the tin and cut into bite-size squares.
  8. Store in an airtight tin in a cool place.

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