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I am a mother of three boys with food intolerances and allergies. Together with my husband, we have collected information and adapted many of our favourite recipes over the years, to suit our family's dietary needs.  

Please read the 'Introduction' page for more information on how we have managed for nearly 20 years, to stay healthy and happy, with our special diets.

It's our pleasure to be able to share some of what we have found useful with YOU! 
Here you will find simple, traditional, every-day family recipes that taste so good you'll never know the difference! 

There are lots of recipes for you to try that don't need expensive alternative ingredients - vital for those of you on a strict budget or with many mouths to feed.

I hope you find something on these pages that you will find helpful.  Please feel free to contact me on the 'Contact Me' box to the left of this message!

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