Fondant Icing

This recipe gives enough to cover the top and sides of a 20cm round rich fruit cake

700g icing sugar, sieved
2 egg whites, small
2 tablespoons glycerine

extra icing sugar, for rolling out

What to do 
Place all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix well with a metal palette knife, using a chopping action.

Knead to form a ball.

Turn out onto a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar and knead again. 

The more you knead, the more pliable it becomes.  

If it is too sticky, sprinkle with a little extra icing sugar and knead again.

Keep in an airtight container until needed.

To use to cover a cake:
Roll out to the desired thickness and large enough to cover the top and sides of your cake.  

Place the rolled out fondant icing on top of your cake.

Mould down evenly, until the icing covers your cake right to the base. 

Seal the bottom edges completely, then trim neatly. 

To cover almond paste:
Brush with egg white before applying the fondant icing, so it will stick.