Quiche Lorraine

The simplicity of a Quiche Lorraine recipe makes this easy to prepare and will give you great results every time.  It is perfect eaten hot or cold, and is great for tea-times, picnics, packed lunches or even breakfast!
I have included my tips for making gluten-free pastry in with this recipe, so it is all on one page.

Serves 6 depending on how hungry you are!
For the shortcrust pastry:
330g gluten-free plain flour
a good pinch of salt
1/4 rounded teaspoon xanthan gum 
75g vegetable shortening, or lard (I use TREX)
75g dairy-free margarine
cold water to mix, about 3 tablespoons

For the filling:
300g back bacon, cut into pieces and cooked
6 medium free range eggs, beaten and  made up to 700ml with dairy-free milk
175g dairy-free cheese, grated
1 large red tomato, sliced thinly
freshly ground black pepper

What to do
Preheat your oven to 190 C/375 F / Gas 5.  For fan assisted ovens reduce the temperature according to your manufacturer's instructions.

Have ready a 25-28cm flan dish.

Prepare your pastry, by thoroughly sifting the xanthan gum and salt through the gluten-free flour.

Rub in the vegetable shortening, or lard, until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Add enough cold water to 'bring the pastry together' but do not over work.

Turn the pastry onto a floured surface and roll out to the size of your flan dish. Line the flan dish, trim any excess pastry and fill any cracks.  Set aside.

My tip for lifting rolled out gluten-free pastry, is to use 2 thin, flexible, plastic chopping boards to slide simultaneously together, under the pastry, from opposite sides. Move over the flan dish to be lined with pastry and gently tip both boards in towards the centre, carefully and gradually pulling the two boards away.

Gluten-free pastry does not 'behave' in the same way as normally-made pastry.  You may have to patch-up cracks and mould to shape with left over pastry. Depending on the absorbency of your gluten-free flour, you may wish to add a little more cold water at the 'bringing together' stage.

To make the filling, place a layer of dairy-free cheese on the base of the pastry (leaving some over), then the cooked bacon.

Pour over the beaten eggs and dairy-free milk, sprinkle the rest of the dairy-free cheese on top and season with freshly ground black pepper.  

Arrange the thin tomato slices on top and bake in the middle of your oven for about 45 minutes, until the top begins to turn golden.

Serve with salads, crusty gluten-free bread, pickles or simply on its own!