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Cottage Pie is a meat pie with mashed potato topping. The cheese works really well with all the meaty flavours. A dash of balsamic vinegar or spiced relish gives a real depth to the flavour of this popular dish

3. Quiche Lorraine 

This traditional family favourite is packed full of vitamin C from the tomatoes and is a favourite with my children and their friends 
at tea-time

with mint and coriander cream

The rich, hearty aromas of this beef stew with dumplings is the perfect meal for cold days!

Roast pork really does produce the best crackling and the key is to place it in a very hot oven at first, to crisp up the crackling, then continue cooking at a lower temperature until the meat is thoroughly cooked through.  You can always cover the meat with some tin foil if it begins to burn on top for the last part of the cooking process.  

13 .Lancashire Meat and Potato Pie
For a hearty main course, serve this traditional English dish with pickled red cabbage

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